Asset Management


  • Asset Management

    Allsteel Pinpoint provides web based tracking of assets.

    Allsteel’s Asset Management Program, known as Allsteel Pinpoint, is a web-based system that provides their clients with the ability to easily view their furniture, accessories, and other assets. The system is accessible at any time, from any computer, giving you the ability to shop, reserve, and order product on-line.

    With easy access to information that details the availability and condition of used furniture, you can make informed purchasing decisions. Information is also available for accounting and auditing purposes, as well as report generation. Through the use of bar code labels and asset tag numbers, you have the power to track assets and their movement from location to location. Allsteel Pinpoint can support multiple manufacturers, locations, and unique products. The system platform is currently in place at Allsteel and can be customized to fit individual requirements.