Allsteel Altitude Height Adjustable Tables

Allsteel's Altitude offers an ergonomic benefit to any body shape and size with the addition of a flexible sit-to-stand option. Choose between a two or three-stage electric or a classic crank model to meet your ergonomic requirements.

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Allsteel Keyboard Arms

Workplace ergonomics doesn't need to be an afterthought. Allsteel offers these four new keyboard platforms to make workstation personalization a whole lot easier. And that makes employees happier and more productive too.

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HON Height Adjustable Table

Increase awareness and reduce slouching with HON's new height adjustable tables. Manual Crank Table Range: 27-36" Nominal Electric Table Range: 25-49" Nominal

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Humanscale Foot Support

Increase your lower extremity circulation and relieve strain on your lower back with Humanscale's foot rest. Choose from the FM100, FM300 and FM500 series according to your ergo requirements.

Humanscale FM100 Humanscale FM300 Humanscale FM500

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Humanscale Keyboard Arms

Humanscale has been the market leader in articulating keyboard systems for 5 years running.

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Humanscale Monitor Arms

Flat panel monitors are transforming the landscape of the office. They take up less space and offer better resolution and less glare than CRT monitors. But their greatest advantage is that they can be easily mounted to an adjustable arm, which allows them to be ideally positioned for each individual user.

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Workrite Banana Board

Contemporary, hi-tech style looks great while allowing superior comfort while working. Mouse slide creates Mouse-Forwardâ„¢ position for improved ergonomic comfort.

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