Healthcare Furniture

Cramer Rhino

RhinoPlus combines urethane with molded foam, providing a patented blend of durability and comfort. This series of stools, chairs and unique seating solutions is built to withstand wear-and-tear from the inside out.

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Hag Capisco

HÅG Capisco Design: Peter Opsvik HÅG Capisco - ’The Saddle Chair’. The design of this chair is based on the dynamic sitting position of the horseman. The chair is ideal for all heights of table. Peter Opsvik and his colleagues have worked with HÅG since 1974, and they have been instrumental in helping develop the principles that HÅG bases its business on today.

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Hon Versant

Versant’s distinctive, attractive styling offers ample room for each guest to sit in comfort. Smart design makes it easy to arrange into a variety of configurations.

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Hon Healthcare

HON Healthcare is all about comfort. Our solutions create a supportive, collaborative environment in which patients and their families feel at ease dealing with sensitive issues. An atmosphere where caregiver distractions are reduced, and the focus on patient care is increased. These intuitive solutions improve the health and comfort of both patients and caregivers, while also supporting workflow and managing costs.

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National Confide

Confide is excellent solution for any heathcare environment. It offers specific features like easy clean out, wall saver legs, arm cap options and replaceable parts.

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Spec Traffic Seating

Today's high traffic public areas demand high durability and low maintenance, without sacrificing design. The unique beam construction and good looks have been combined with solid comfort to fit a wide array of applications from airports to bus stations.

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